Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Job role

Cast list

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Weekly production log

Week 1

We constructed a questionnaire that relates to our music video and will help us improve our original idea in terms of target audience, visuals, lighting and etc. Then we handed out to the sixth formers who are almost 40% of our overall target audience. The results from the questionnaire was then collected with the quantitative data plotted onto diagrams and qualitative summarised. We then asked similar questions in our focus group with four people which we filmed and we noticed they all had similar ideas which may be due to demographics which i added in my reviews of both data collected.

Week 2

We have now started to assign job roles to people in our group. We have also continued beach combing in order to obtain more ideas for our music videos. Also, the production logs has been done according to everyone's timeline.

Week 3

The whole group has sat together as the weeks of filming gets closer to complete the risk assessment that applies to our group when filming. After deciding to film on a bridge, there's definitely going to be risks of falling off the bridge as well as the fact that we are in a public area so we need to be sensible and take the environment into consideration.

Week 4

The group has started the shooting script which is very specific on everything that we are going to do.  Some of these may change but most of the things stated on it will go ahead. Not everybody contributed, it was mainly me, Daniel and Tanvir who are actually willing to do so.

Week 5

During the half term, I put the outfit that i will be wearing together in order to match the visuals. This was not hard but took a while as there were other things going on in my life.  It was hard getting the group together to do one last planning before we started filming as everyone had things they were doing.

Week 6
Once we got back to school, on Monday i went home to film the first scene of me leaving my current partner after a date and then going home reminiscing and reflecting on my old relationship. I wore a dress with a pink jacket to represent that and my hair was also let down. I wore minimal makeup so i look the same every time we film or audiences will be confused. After shooting that my group decided that there was not enough cuts and different angle perspectives so me and Tanvir have booked a day which is Friday when we're both free to catch more shots to add to the empathy we're trying to create. Also, on Saturday we're planning to go to the designated bridge, Millenium bridge to film the shot of my old relationship and how abusive and bad it was which will be shown by being physically abused in public (i'm not actually going to be punched up but just pulling stunts) as well as the intimate times to cover up for the bad relationship.

Week 7

Tanvir was caught up in family issues, therefore the plan to film was cancelled last Friday. However, we will be rescheduling it this week.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Music video focus group evaluation

We constructed questions similar to the questionniare and asked 4 people who's ages corresponds to our target audience.

"What genre of music mostly interests you?" The response to this question was Rap which i think one persons response influenced the rest of the group when looking back at the video. This is a key disadvantage of focus groups as it may just be simply copying others whereas questionnaires allow independent opinions hence why the questionnaire gave us a variety of answers. Or it could be that they all genuinely like rap as if we look at demographics they all are from the same environment and area which stereotypically means they might have interest in the same things. Another question we asked was, "What type of music lighting do you think suits romantic themed music video?", everybody replied dim even though in the questionnaire we collated "normal". The choice of dim was set on the fact that it has better affection especially when the genre is based on love which is more accurate as in the questionnaire we didn't ask why.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Focus group questionnaires

Focus Group questions

1.   What genre of music mostly interests you?
2.   How often do you watch music videos? (per week)
3.   What type/description of visuals is most appealing to you?
4.   Why?
5.   How often do you watch music videos?
6.   What do you expect to see in music videos?
7.   How do you normally feel when watching a music video based on love?
8.   What type of lighting do you think suits romantic themed music videos? (Dim/Natural/Artificial)
9.   Why?
10.                 If you were to be a music video producer, where would you film these types of music videos? (Any particular location)
11.                 Do you think romantic music videos appeal to men more than women?
12.                 What are your favorite music and/or videos?
13.                 What is your least favorite music video?