Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Focus group questionnaires

Focus Group questions

1.   What genre of music mostly interests you?
2.   How often do you watch music videos? (per week)
3.   What type/description of visuals is most appealing to you?
4.   Why?
5.   How often do you watch music videos?
6.   What do you expect to see in music videos?
7.   How do you normally feel when watching a music video based on love?
8.   What type of lighting do you think suits romantic themed music videos? (Dim/Natural/Artificial)
9.   Why?
10.                 If you were to be a music video producer, where would you film these types of music videos? (Any particular location)
11.                 Do you think romantic music videos appeal to men more than women?
12.                 What are your favorite music and/or videos?
13.                 What is your least favorite music video?


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