Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Music video focus group evaluation

We constructed questions similar to the questionniare and asked 4 people who's ages corresponds to our target audience.

"What genre of music mostly interests you?" The response to this question was Rap which i think one persons response influenced the rest of the group when looking back at the video. This is a key disadvantage of focus groups as it may just be simply copying others whereas questionnaires allow independent opinions hence why the questionnaire gave us a variety of answers. Or it could be that they all genuinely like rap as if we look at demographics they all are from the same environment and area which stereotypically means they might have interest in the same things. Another question we asked was, "What type of music lighting do you think suits romantic themed music video?", everybody replied dim even though in the questionnaire we collated "normal". The choice of dim was set on the fact that it has better affection especially when the genre is based on love which is more accurate as in the questionnaire we didn't ask why.

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