Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Results from questionnaire

Here are the results accumulated from our music video questionnaire that was given to ten people within our target audience which will contribute massively to our music video. Some can be presented quantitatively as shown by the graphs and others qualitatively which will be explained.

According to this pie chart we surveyed more females than males which may affect the results. Also, most people preferred RnB and Grime even though our genre is Pop. In addition to that, 80% said that romantic music videos do not appeal to them which corresponds to our music video plans doesn't only focus on romance but also includes frustration and heartbreak.

Majority agreed that a music video should be 4mins followed by the 30% that suggested 3mins which makes 3-4mins our targeted time and was they initial time.

The other questions we asked such as "where do you think a romantic music video should be filmed?" which was an open question allowed completely different responses. A lot of people were unsure and replied with 'a nice location with a view' which wasn't specific enough and may be could be explained better in a focus group where one persons idea may influence another and give more ideas. However, we did receive specific locations such as the beach x2, high school and Paris which mostly came from the female surveyors. This will give us the idea to find similar locations that is accessible to us and won't be cost effective due to our budget. We cannot ignore the fact that the sample of relevant answers that we received is too small to come to a conclusion of the best location.

This is the same with the question "What is your favourite music video?" we received a wide range of answers in terms of different genres. This may suggest that romantic music videos or music videos based on relationship may not be of interest to our target audience or the visuals may have to be taken into consideration but that it's still uncertain it's the visuals that appeal to them.

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